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 Ascent: Equipping young adults to climb to new personal heights 

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The purpose of the Ascent program is to provide High School graduates with a short-term, full-time, real camp ministry experience. That is, they will be equipped both personally and professionally in character based servant leadership.  It is our desire that each Ascent student would leave with a better understanding of him or herself, have clear direction of God’s purpose for their life, and an action plan to fulfill that purpose.

The metaphor for this program is simple:  As we go through life’s journey, all of us as young adults face a mountain of possibilities. However, no one climbs to greatness by chance. They have to have a clear vision and plan of where they are going. The Ascent program exists to equip young adults with the skills necessary to “climb” and transform their character to sustain them during the “climb” so that they can reach new heights in life’s journey.






 Program Outline:

1. Who – High School GraduatesIMG PRACTICE 7D2 05222014-8 s2. Timeframe – Nine Months (September – May)
3. Tuition based program
4. Program topics

     1. Leadership Development
     2. Biblical Worldview
     3. Biblical Studies
     4. Healthy Relationships
     5. Experiential Learning
     6. Personal Finances
     7. Career Readiness
     8. Camp Career Skills

Core Components:

1. Camp Skills
2. Personal Growth
3. Professional Development
4. Transitional Plan


Earn College Credit

ASCENT is an accredited program through Grace Bible College's Adult and Online Education Program. Graduates of ASCENT can earn up to 18 credits toward a degree. If you would like more information about those credits or how they can be used, please call our office.


Download a copy of the Ascent Gap-Year Information Sheet here


Contact Us

If you or someone you know are interested in finding out more about ASCENT, fill out the information form below or contact Jonathan Banfield at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  or call our office at 231-873-3662.