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Leadership Treks

What is Leadership Treks?

Grace Adventures believes that at sometime everybody in their life will have a chance to be a leader. Will you be prepared? Spend a week exploring who God made you to be, how to influence others, and how to stand against the tide. This week will be exciting, hands on, and stretching. You'll work in teams to complete group based missions, while learning the skills and practices of a leader.

Come for multiple weeks!

Sign up for Pathfinder or Quest camp and spend a week as the participant. This is all about how you can grow and have fun. You'll do all the same activities you've done over the years, but now focus on how to be a leader as well. The fun doesn't stop there though. Come back and join the Grace Adventures summer team for multiple weeks. If you attended Pathfinder come back and lead through service. Join our team as you help accomplish the behind the scenes work of Grace Adventures. If you attended Quest camp come back as an assistant counselor and work in a cabin with the kids!

Ranch vs. Main Camp

Leadership Treks offers either a Ranch version or a Main Camp version. The content is the same and in Quest you'll actually live together, but your focus will be different. Continue learning horsemanship through lessons, trail rides, and more at the ranch. Focus on high adventures, facilitation, and more at main camp!

Leadership Treks Camp Options;

Main Camp

Pathfinder - Ages 14-16

Quest - Ages 16-17

Paradise Ranch

Pathfinder - Ages 14-16

Quest Ages 16-17


Camper Payments

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