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If you could plan the perfect family vacation, what would you include? You would want to make life-long memories and have plenty of activities for everyone in the family to enjoy – without spending all your time in the car getting to them, right? It would be a safe place...and scenic...a place that lowers stress levels. Meals would be provided...and prepared for you! There would even be a little "adult time" away from the kids, plus quality Bible teaching for the whole family to strengthen you spiritually. Welcome to Family Camp at Grace Adventures!

4th of July Family Camp includes time for:
- teaching Christian values and skills to the whole family in age appropriate groups, so you will be equipped to impact and lead others.
- creating family shared experiences; making memories through worship, time together away from the world and having fun while boating, enjoying the waterfront, riding horses and more
- building relationships with other families with similar values.

Summer Dates

July 3-8, 2016
July 3-6, 2016

Additional Information

Kids ages 0-4 are FREE!

Less than $1,000 all-inclusive for a family of four (dependant on age of children and housing)

Call (231) 873-3662 today for information and pricing for Family Camps.

Please Note: Pricing is dependent on family size, ages of kids and housing choice. Online registration for Family Camp is not available at this time.


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