Grace Adventures Needs

"How can we help?" This is a question Grace is often asked by friends. In addition to financial gifts, the ministry has been blessed over the years by "in-kind" gifts of equipment, vehicles, and services. These gifts save the ministry thousands of dollars and often provide Grace with equipment or resources that it could not otherwise afford or obtain.
The list below includes items that will help advance the ministry of Grace Adventures. Perhaps you have an item that is in good working order, but it is no longer being used. Or you are involved in a business that could support the ministry through one of these in-kind gift opportunities. You can also make a financial gift designated to the purchase of these items; please contact us for estimated pricing of the item(s) you are intersted in funding.
Please keep in mind that all in-kind gifts are subject to managements's review and acceptance, based on condition and suitability for ministry purposes.
Examples of types of equipment;
  • Vehicles - Mini-van, mid-sized sedan, golf carts, ATVs
  • Administration
  • Audio Visual
  • Food Services
  • Maintenance
  • Program

There are also many projects being completed through out the year. If you're interested in donating materials towards a specific project please contact us.

These projects include (not in order of need);

  • Pavillion Removed (demolition)
  • Gravel for our parking lot
  • Fiberglass touch up on our speed boat
  • O leary's ceramic coat paint for various buildings
  • Additional concrete for loading zone at kitchen
  • Upgrade in internet service to Lodge and Kitchen
  • Garage Construction
  • Saddles, Halters, and Bridles for Paradise Ranch
  • 1 Shark (10 person banana water sled)
  • Seawall reconstruction and remodel (We have 500ft of seawall)

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