Grace Adventures Prayer Partners

Dear Prayer Partners,

This year we will work with thousands of young people and adults. Our mission is to impact them with Jesus Christ. Why? Because we want to equip them to be tomorrow’s leaders. Why? So they can impact the world with Jesus Christ...one person, one family, one community at a time!

What a privilege it is to help those who do not know Jesus to begin the journey toward a deep, loving, trusting relationship with Him.  Many who come here knowing Jesus are discovering how to know Him better and to honor and glorify Him through their service to others.  It is in God’s Word that we learn of His promises, and it is through putting His Word into action that we grow in our understanding of His plan for us.

Grace Adventures is committed to training up next-generation leaders in partnership with the family and the local church. Jesus is the perfect example of what a servant leader is. So our challenge is to try to get people back into His Word. We are doing this through our many sponsored programs and retreats, by continuing to develop our staff and our campus and by sharing the opportunities we have with people like you who commit to lift us up in prayer every day.

Over the next several months, we will have the opportunity to impact hundreds of young people. Please pray that we will be able to teach, model and lead them back into His Word so they will fall in love with their Savior and, in the process, learn all about His promises for their lives.

As we begin the public phase of our Above & Beyond ministry campaign, the construction of the Grace Adventure Family Campground, designed to reach and serve 1,400 families a year, is under way. The campground property site has been leveled and as of the first of the year, we began installation of the infrastructure elements such as sewer, water, electric and gas lines. Blueprints are being finalized for all the campground buildings and as April approaches, weather permitting, construction will start.

Every week at our staff meeting we pray for three specific things. 1. That in everything that we do, we stay focused and don’t lose sight of mission of Grace Adventures which is to impact people with Jesus Christ. 2. Donors and donations continue to come in to help complete the funding of the family campground. 3. The campground is completed without any major complications. Please join with us and continue to pray for this project, the Grace Adventure board, Staff, families and all who will be involved.

Steve Prudhomme


 P.S. If you would like to hear more about the Above & Beyond Campaign please call me at 231-873-3662 or email me at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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