Grace Adventures Prayer Partners

Dear Prayer Partners,


As spring arrives we see God’s creation coming to life, bringing a sense of anticipation and a renewed hope. The warm weather, gentle breezes, new life bursting from the ground remind me of God’s awesome power and love. His creation is so wonderfully woven together and given to us for our enjoyment. Why? Because He loves us!  Do you remember the last time you walked through the woods, listening to God’s creation? It is a place where the senses come alive. It is also a place where one can relax and see things a little more clearly. This is what happens when a child comes to camp. 


Did you know that according to the latest research the average child spends:

· 189 minutes per week on the computer

· 33 minutes per day talking on their phone

· 49 minutes a day watching TV, on their phone!

· Children 8-18 spend 7.5 hours per day consuming media and 4 minutes per day of outside play

· 54% of 4-6 year olds would rather watch TV than spend quality time with their father

· The average teenager sends 3,339 texts per month


Grace Adventures is committed to providing a break and relief from the onslaught of media children face today. It’s a place where kids can learn how to have real fun again. However, if we only have fun we would not achieve our mission of Impacting People With Jesus Christ. Equipping people – one life at a time – to impact their world is what Grace is all about. We desire to partner with the family and the church to provide a place where we can raise up a generation of young people who love the Lord with all their heart and desire to make positive changes in their communities.


Would you join with us and pray that every child who needs to experience Jesus would have the opportunity to come to Grace this summer? Would you pray that we would be faithful and obedient to share the hope we have to those who are hopeless? Would you pray for our summer staff? Would you pray for the resources we need to scholarship those families who are struggling in tough economic times? Would you pray for the Board of Directors, full time staff and their families and for an increase in volunteers? Finally, would you pray for all those young people who need to get unplugged and get back into God’s creation so that they can hear His voice and see Him more clearly?


In His Service,



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