Grace Adventures Prayer Partners

Dear Prayer Partners,


As summer 2014 winds down, it is wonderful to let you know what an awesome season of ministry it has been as many lives were changed for eternity.  Several hundred young people made decisions to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, rededicate their lives to serving Him, or turn away from behaviors that were driving a wedge between themselves and God. 


We rejoice in reporting that we had the privilege of serving over 4,000 children and adults June through August.  As many of you probably saw, our campus was a very busy place, some weeks running three to five camps at a time.  Each Sunday this summer, 800 to over 1,000 people attended the Community Worship services.  This was the 48th summer that the Word was preached every Sunday from Memorial Day through Labor Day.  Praise God for the support received from our Community Worship partners!  These funds helped provide scholarships to 190 children and families, which enabled them to attend camp.


In addition, your faithful prayers provide a protective covering over this ministry and are critical as we seek God’s leading and will in fulfilling the mission and vision of Grace Adventures.  With your help we are able to accomplish this through evangelism, discipleship, leadership training and educational opportunities in a year-round, quality Christian environment.


With 2015 on the horizon we are asking that you continue to pray for God’s leading here at Grace Adventures.  Specifically, we ask that you continue to pray for these areas:

· That we will stay on our knees seeking God’s direction for planning next year’s summer and year round programs

· That we will be able to partner with others who share in the vision to reach, train, and equip children and families

· That we will make new contacts with churches, schools and adults so that every child in need can have a life-changing experience

· Continued support for the ministry and for the many servants who make sure Grace Adventures is a great place for kids and families to grow deeper in their relationships with Jesus Christ

· That our Grace sponsored Men’s and Women’s Retreats would continue to grow and reach more adults

· For the Board of Directors, staff and their families

· For the Fall Celebration event and the exciting news we will share


Thank-you and have a blessed day!  Your prayers really do make a difference!


In His Service,


Steve Prudhomme



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