The Power of Camp

With a world putting so much pressure on children today, they need a place to get away from it all more than ever. Grace Adventures is that place! Grace is committed to providing these kids with an opportunity to experience God's creation, to know a mature young adult that loves them, to have fun like never before, and to discover and know Jesus more and more!

Learn more about all the incredible camp options for you or your family here!

Camp is a great place for kids to have one of those "mountain top" experiences in life. Knowing how important camp is, Grace is committed to not turning any kids away that want to come to camp but can't afford it. Every year Grace offers over $50,000 in scholarships and discounts to make camp more affordable. This is a huge blessing and a tremendous responsibility.

Through the scholarship program you have the opportunity to change a child's life forever! You can make a gift to sponsor 1/2 a camper, 1 camper, 5-10 campers, or a flat amount that you could afford. Would you please consider investing in a child's life where the return on impact will only be measured in eternities!

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