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Volunteer Opportunities

Grace was built by faithful volunteers. Men and women who came up on weekends, vacations, and any other chance they got to literally build a camp! Want to get involved but don't think you can afford to make a gift? Would you love to work at Grace but life wouldn't allow you to be there full-time? Don't worry, volunteering in one of our many areas is one of the most rewarding hands on ways to support Grace. We need volunteers in every department and during every season. Last year Grace was blessed with over 18,000 hours of donated time. It is because of faithful servants that give of their time and experience that Grace is able to keep moving forward.

Areas to help in;

  • Office
  • Maintenance
  • Food Service
  • Program support
  • Ranch
  • Mailing
  • Grounds
  • Special Projects

In addition, there are many mission opportunities for group projects, well suited for volunteer crews with significant skilled laborers available for several days at a time.

These projects include;

  • Pavillion Removed (demolition)
  • New carpet for the Retreat Center
  • New carpet for the Lodge
  • Gravel for our parking lot
  • Fiberglass touch up on our speed boat
  • O leary's ceramic coat paint for various buildings
  • Additional concrete for loading zone at kitchen
  • Upgrade in internet service to Lodge and Kitchen
  • Garage Construction

It doesn't take any experience, just a willing heart, to join our team. Call or e-mail today for an application to become a part of Grace Adventures. The rewards will last a lifetime.


Volunteer Application

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3 References are needed to apply. These people cannot be related to you or be a current Grace Staff and should include at least one business/work reference and one spiritual leader reference. Please copy the appropriate link and send it to your references, or feel free to download and print the paper copy and mail your forms in.

Volunteer Reference Link

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For more information regarding volunteer opportunities, contact Jenny at (231) 873-3662 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .