Paradise Ranch Girl Scout Horsemanship Programs

Riding LessonsIt’s time to put down the cookie boxes, ladies, and round up the troops for a Western Girl Scout adventure at Paradise Ranch!  We offer badge programs for ages 9 through 18, and if you feel like trading your vest or sash for a horse and some leather, there is always more to learn.  You can earn the Horse Fan Badge, Horse Rider Badge, or the Horse Sense Badge.  Each badge program progressively explores grooming tools and their uses, saddle and bridle parts, fundamentals of Western riding in the arena and out on the trails, and much more!  Cowgals earning the Horse Sense Badge will also have an additional option of an overnight campout including dinner and breakfast on the range. 

If you’re looking for features that can either enhance your badge program or stand alone as individual outings for your troop, we offer:

Trail rides
Hotdog roasts and campfires at Frontier Village
Riding Lessons
Cowboy Cooperatives
Overnight Programs
Horse drawn wagon rides
Pony rides for kids under 9 years old 

Learn New Skills

No matter what your age or level of riding expertise, we would be happy to instruct y’all in badge programs that fit your requirements – Girl Scout’s honor!