High Adventure

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Have you ever been up in the middle of a jungle? How about to the top of a 40-foot climbing tower?

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Reaching New Heights

At Grace Adventures, the High Adventure areas are an integral part of helping people reach their potential. Our High Adventure areas, including: Climbing Tower, Ropes Course, Zipline, and more, are used as a tool to help stretch the participants out of their comfort zone and teach lessons such as trust, encouragement, teamwork, and perseverence. 

Beyond being a teaching tool, they are also a ton of fun!


Choose which option works best for you and your group:

Outdoor Ropes Course, Indoor Ropes Course, Outdoor Climbing Wall, Indoor Climbing Wall, Zipline, Cargo Net, Dangle Duo, and more!





IMG 7D WB3 011312-084 sHigh Adventure activities are perfect for groups of all ages!IMG OJD 7D 091713 159 s

Our highly trained Facilitators will guide your group to help accomplish your goals:

Works perfect as an open activity time option

Grow your team through teambuilding and bonding activities

Set personal goals and see them accomplished

Challenge yourself to go to new heights