Horseback Riding

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Unleash your inner Cowboy!

Grace Adventures has a year-round horse ranch called Paradise Ranch. Paradise Ranch specializes in Summer Horsemanship Camps, Equine and Horsemanship Training, and teambuilding for groups. Whether you are staying on our main campus or at Paradise Ranch, there are many different features to enjoy!


Trail Rides

Go for a trail ride on our over 120 acres of trails. We keep 40 horses year-round to provide single string and multi-string trail rides. This classic activity is perfect for the beginner all the way up to the expert rider.


Cattle Sorting

Paradise Ranch also has a herd of cattle. With the cattle we teach lessons on cattle sorting and roping. Cattle sorting can be done on horseback or on foot and is a great teambuilding activity. Have your team work together to accomplish a variety of tasks while teaching lessons about communication, teamwork, and individual value.


Wagon Rides

Go for a wagon ride around our campus and enjoy the scenery. Have fun, sing songs, and enjoy the beauty of creation!


Parable of the Horse

Looking for a creative way to demonstrate principles of obedience, discipleship, and leadership? Parable of the Horse is an interactive demonstration of how principles and circumstances in our lives can be reflected in that of a horses life and training.