Paintball and Re-Ball

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Grace Adventures has a premier outdoor paintball course. Unique obstacles, great terrain, multiple types of paintball games. This is a perfect activity for your group for fun, or for team building and cooperation. Bring your own equipment or use ours. Grace has all the accessories. Paintball 043011 b 01

  • Fee includes field usage and full equipment rental
  • 200 balls of field grad paint
  • equipment is marker, mask, unlimited CO2
  • Rental includes marker, paint, and mask
  • If using your own marker will need to be chronographed to course standards at time of play
  • Must purchase all paint from Grace Adventures (we sell field grade paint)






Grace Adventures also has a paintball-style game called Re-Ball for during the winter months. Re-Ball is played exactly like paintball except the ammunition are reuseable rubber balls and it is played in our gymasium. Re-Ball is the perfect way to give your group a high adrenaline activity that all can enjoy. Form teams to compete in tournaments or have Re-Ball as an open activity time option.

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