Grace Adventures Programming Relevant and Impacting

Grace wants to collaboratively partner with you during your stay on campus. All retreats at Grace are one of a kind. Creat your own unique experience. We specialize in a number of first class programs to help make your experience one that will have lasting impact.

Hosted; You can run your own program and we'll provide the activities and facilities that you need. This would not include Grace Programming

Collaborative; Grace will partner with you to add enhance your retreat. Incoorporate elements of Grace's Programs into your stay. Choose from a one hour time block to as much programming as you would like.

Served; You can choose to have Grace create a retreat for you from start to finish. Just show up and we'll take care of the rest. Choose from many themed retreats, or work to create something brand new and custom for you.

Grace's Programs are;

Leadership Development - Go through a dynamic, highly engaging, team based leadership experience. Focus on team development, conflict resolution, communication, strategic planning, diversity, dealing with change, and much more. Pick one or more topics for a interactive experiential training.

Anchor's Away - This is a world-class Biblical worldview curriculum. With core lessons dealing with the five world views, who is God, what is a Christian, is the Bible reliable, was Jesus resurrected, Is Jesus God, Did life just happen or were we created, The Christian Worldview. Pick one or more of these lessons to challenge and grow your group into spiritual maturity.

Purity and Holiness - This Junior high through college aged curriculum addresses how to live a pure and Holy lifestyle in a very impure world. Biblically based and experiential, this is a great program to help instill the sanctity of marriage and living a Holy life.