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Winter Blast Devotionals

Looking for daily Winter Blast devotionals? You found them!

During the week (Monday - Friday) the Grace Adventures Facebook page will post a link to a new devo (thought that will help you spend time with God.) You can start on any day, the Facebook page will continue to cycle through the devotionals until all the Winter Blast weekends are over. Or if you want to go through the devotionals in order, you can do that! 

On Saturday & Sunday we won't post new devos so use those days to catch up on ones you've missed or spend time praying or memorizing some of the verses you read this week. 

There are 20 days of devotionals. 4 weeks with 5 days. Here are the dates in case you’re confused.

If you came to Blast 1, your devos will be posted Dec 30 - Jan 24.

Blast 2: Jan 13 - Feb 7

Blast 3: Jan 20 – Feb 14

Blast 4: February 10 – March 7

Blast 5: Feb 17 – Mar 14

Blast 6: Feb 24 – Mar 21

The cool thing is, if you get behind or miss a few days, you can always catch up! The most important thing is that you spend time with God, no matter when it is.

Since we’re posting on Facebook, if something really hits you, make sure you comment, share or like the devo link so that other people can read it, too! We hope you use this devos to get closer to God and continue your Winter Blast experience. Now, get reading!

Dog Dynasty Lost N' Found 

Flat Tire, Praise the Lord!

Why, Why, Why

Be Who You Are
Cracked Mirrors Christmas Boss Lost in the Woods Cliff Jumper Use Your Words!

Bright Lights,

Not so Big City

Procrastinators Unite...


I Love Lamp

No Other Way to be Happy

in Jesus, but to Trust and Obey

God Saved Us Day Walkers Tempting

Sticks and Stones

Break Bones

Dont choose Projectile Vomiting