Leadership Journey

The Leadership Journey provides an experiential leadership development program. The design allows participants to explore the territory that all leaders must travel in order to gain their full potential. They are provided with insights, skills and tools to effectively navigate into the future to become more effective leaders, to experience the importance of character in daily decision making and to make a difference in our world.

 What Participants are saying about the Leadership Journey:
“Leadership Journey works!”
-Director of leadership development and service learning, Cornerstone University

“I thought I knew a lot about leadership before I came but it taught me that I still have a lot to learn and work on. I need a community around me that is really helpful.”
-Student, Cornerstone University

The Journey explores:

Base Camp/Introduction – Set expectations and learn the Leadership Growth Process; feedback tool taught along with “After Action Review” (discussion after activity).

Redwood Forest – The Redwood Forest explores the fundamentals of leadership, such as what a leader does (skills) and who a leader is (character development).

Grand Canyon – The Grand Canyon explores a wide range of diversity including, different behavioral styles and values. In addition it teaches an effective model of communication.

Amazon - Focuses on team and the factors needed for productivity.  In addition, participants are provided an opportunity to experience personal growth related to their leadership development needs.

Mt Everest – Learn about the importance of vision and how to develop strategic plans in order to implement the vision.

Sahara – The Sahara examines the call for change.  The model used teaches how to produce positive, lasting change.

The Leadership Journey is typically a five to six day program.  However, there is the flexibility to break the curriculum down into individual destinations, allowing you to choose which area you want to explore.