What is Anchorsaway?

Anchorsaway is designed to facilitate the transformation of hearts and minds through the teaching of the Christian Worldview. This is accomplished through large group and small group interactions with eight core courses.
  1. What is the Christian Worldview?
  2. What are the five major worldviews?
  3. Who is God?
  4. Is the Bible reliable?
  5. Was Jesus Christ resurrected? Why does it matter?
  6. Is Jesus Christ God? What is the Trinity?
  7. What is a Christian? Am I one?
  8. Did life just happen or were we created?
Anchorsaway Benefits:

The Anchorsaway participants will:
Make a difference for Christ wherever they go. We are hoping that in their wake, many will come into a personal relationship with Christ, many will be taught or disciplined and consequently, our culture would forever be impacted. In addition they will:
  • Learn the foundations of the Christian faith
  • Live out their faith in all of life
  • Listen to others
  • Love unconditionally
  • Lead others to an authentic faith in Jesus Christ

View one page overviews of all the Anchorsaway Lessons. 

What Makes Grace Adventures Unique?

  • We incorporate our experiential process to transfer learning into practice
  • Our staff has many years of practice in experiential education.
  • We can offer an facilitation experience.
  • Quality programs at an affordable cost; you can not beat the value of a Reach experience.
  • Experience for any time of the year.
  • We specialize in collaborating with school staff to meet the needs of the students.
  • Ability to tailor an experience to meet the goals of each school and or classroom.

What People Are Saying About Anchorsaway

“Nancy Fitzgerald (curriculum writer) and Anchorsaway are doing a fabulous job teaching young people how to defend and to live out their faith. That is a mission field, and should be our number one mission field, because we are discovering that young men and women who come out of youth groups, good families and churches are losing their faith when they get on the college campuses.”
-Charles Colson, Author and Founder of Prison Fellowship

“In the battle being waged for the hearts and minds of young people today, it is essential that they be grounded in their faith and learn to ‘think Christianly.’ Anchorsaway is one of the best programs I’ve seen that not only equips students to understand our times, but also to impact our culture through the biblical Christian worldview.”
-Dr. David A. Noebel, President of Summit Ministries