Grace Adventures Reach School Program 

Reach Reach is an adventure-based leadership program designed to equip today’s youth and adults to be tomorrow’s leaders.
 Adventure-based leadership programs are personal growth opportunities that challenge participants to maximize their strengths and identify areas for growth while accomplishing both the group’s and the individual's goals.  We use an experiential model of instruction.  Participants learn to set goals and work through them.  Some of the areas of focus are as follows:
Leadership development
Character education
Goal setting
Social issues, such as bullying or truancy
Alternative education
Health awareness



Our experiential philosophy: “What, So What, Now What”
  • What: experiencing the activity
  • So What: taking what was learned from the activity and develop insights
  • Now What: understanding what was learned in the activity and applying it to everyday life situations

Furthermore, we use a progression of activities to build on this philosophy.  Groups start doing ice breakers and cooperative activities, move into more intensive activities, called initiatives, and finish the sequence with a high adventure activity. 

Our Reach program is designed around your schools size and age.  We offer programs for third graders through college and adult groups. With a variety of activities and high adventure courses. Come for a day or come for a week!

High Adventure activities

Indoor Climbing Tower
Indoor Linear Ropes Course
High Ropes Course
Zip Line
Outdoor Climbing Tower
Cargo Net
Dangle Duo
Horseback Riding

Low Adventure activities

Waterfront activities
Initiatives- whale watch, spider’s web, etc.
Dune hikes
Create a Culture of Value, Encouragement, and Responsibility
Students and Staff will learn how to create a culture in their school where:
Everyone has Value
The Power of Encouragement is Displayed
Everyone is Responsible

For more information or to sign up your group contact Brian VanTimmeren.