Team Development and Acceleration

Team Acceleration

Team work is vital success. Everyone works in teams at some point. Grace wants to help you increase the success of your team. Work on goals, communication, cooperation, and more.

Programs Include:

        Team Building

        Team Journey

Ideal for:

  • Sports Teams
  • Department Teams
  • Student Leadership teams
  • Youth Groups
  • Small businesses

No program is the same. Every team has unique needs and desires. We'll work with you to create a program that meets your needs in an engaging, experiential way.

The Team Journey

The Team Journey is an experiential training system designed to accelerate team development. “Best practices” are balanced with active participant involvement. The journey happens over time in a process of following steps to achieve high performance.

The Team Journey provides

  • Best practices and applicable team theory
  • A survey instrument which helps teams identify strengths and areas of improvement
  • Instruction to achieve effectiveness and overcome “roadblocks”.
  • Action planning tools
  • Experiential exercises

The Process

Panoramic View

Review the principles and create common understanding

Progress Check

Assess progress and check for “buy in” from all team members

Chart A Development Course

Decide the tools and action needed for the team’s growth

Implement Adjustments and Repairs

Collectively review the journey and make any necessary course adjustments


  • Accelerate through the phases of team development to high performance
  • Magnify effectiveness by concentrating on the critical components essential to high performing teams
  • Assess performance and make appropriate adjustments along the way

Team Building and Development

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 Looking for a Stronger Team?

EVERYONE becomes a member of a TEAM at some point in their lives.  Your team members may be your family, your classmates, business partners, faculty members, Bible study group, co-workers or your friends with whom you play sports.
If your team could use a little help to become more focused and more united with a singleness of purpose, Grace Adventures experienced staff will facilitate group building activities and initiatives.  We serve groups of eight to 150, from third graders through adults.
Our experiential programs and training programs will help your group move from individuals to team cohesion.  We will work with your organization, listen to you about the goals that YOU want to set and devise a plan that suits your needs.  Some areas of focus for team building:
  • Communication
  • Problem solving
  • Unity
  • Cooperation
  • Character building
  • Leadership training
  • Self-esteem
  • Confidence
  • Personality differences
  • Decision making

Through both variety and proper sequencing of activities, our trained staff provides a safe atmosphere for openness and growth.

Team building is scheduled in a 2-3 hour time block, usually having more than one session and in conjunction with high adventure activities.  Contact Tim Hertzler for more information.