The Team Journey

The Team Journey is an experiential training system designed to accelerate team development. “Best practices” are balanced with active participant involvement. The journey happens over time in a process of following steps to achieve high performance.

The Team Journey provides

  • Best practices and applicable team theory
  • A survey instrument which helps teams identify strengths and areas of improvement
  • Instruction to achieve effectiveness and overcome “roadblocks”.
  • Action planning tools
  • Experiential exercises

The Process

Panoramic View

Review the principles and create common understanding

Progress Check

Assess progress and check for “buy in” from all team members

Chart A Development Course

Decide the tools and action needed for the team’s growth

Implement Adjustments and Repairs

Collectively review the journey and make any necessary course adjustments


  • Accelerate through the phases of team development to high performance
  • Magnify effectiveness by concentrating on the critical components essential to high performing teams
  • Assess performance and make appropriate adjustments along the way