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Our Team Grew

I wanted to thank you for a great 24 hours with our team. Our staff really enjoyed observing our players from a different perspective and they absolutely loved everything about our visit to Grace. I want to tell you we really appreciate the way you interacted with our girls, you did a great job introducing each activity and allowed our players to grow individually and collectively as a team. We all saw a tremendous amount of growth and will be able to build on our experience over the next few months.

Horse Camp Love

My daughter LOVED camp! Her favorite part she says was the horses, of course, but a close second was the fire each night. I asked why, and she said because she loved hearing each of the counselors tell a Bible story. She said she learned a lot this week about horses, but also how everything she learned tied into the Bible somehow. Wow! What an awesome thing for my 10 year old to come back from camp and tell me! Thanks for all you guys do! You have left an impact!

Amazing Summer On Staff

Words cannot describe what an amazing summer God has blessed me with here at Grace Adventures. It truly has been the best summer of my whole entire life. I have met so many amazing people here who all have made a huge impact on my life. God gave me the opportunity to lead 7 young girls to Christ this summer. One of the greatest things He's taught me is what it means to fully truly rely on Him He's worked so much in my heart this summer and I am forever grateful that he called me to work here this summer. Without Him none of this would of been possible. To Him be the glory

Dedicated Ministry

I am so thankful for your ministry and dedication to building stronger men, women, and families. I look foward to the ladies retreat every year and cannot imagine approaching a Michigan winter without starting it with the refresher and encouragement I receive at the Women's Retreat. There is not one staff who is not obviously dedicated to the hospitality of Grace Adventures. Well done!

Thank You!

I made arrangements with the Grace Staff and they were extremely accommodating for our group. They were very humble & Christ-like. Went out of their way & above & beyond to make sure that we were able to attend winter camp with all of our group that wanted to attend. I highly recommend using Grace for all your personal or youth (teen) group needs. Thank you so much guys!

Every Child Should Go To Camp

Camp is awesome! Every child should have the experience to go at least once. It was life changing for my son. He went for the first time all by himself, not knowing anyone. He loved, loved, loved it! He wanted to go back the next week. Jesus definitely showed himself to my son during camp.

Camp Changed My Son!

My son said this week changed him. He was nervous about being alone and that the other kids would not like him for him. It was a huge leap of faith for him. My son was astonished and so thrilled that people liked him for him! He made lifelong friends and even realized that girls can be fun and good friends as well. What a great way for young men to have positive and appropriate experiences with girls at this age. He loved his camp counselor. I knew the moment I met him that he was special. He was excited and I felt confident that my son was going to have the best week with him. He took extra time with the kids and spent time with them during his “off time” to include them which as a mom really shows his character.

All three boys are eager to come back to Grace again next year for pathfinders. My boys have gone to Grace Adventure camp for 6 years now. Grace never fails to make these kids happy, energetic and excited about God! You can see it in their faces! You can see it in their actions! You can see it in the way they leave camp and spread God’s love! I cannot thank you enough for the growth and positive experiences in my children.

Saved While Fishing

My story starts over 40 years ago. My parents Dan and Dorothy owned a home on Upper Silver Lake. My father was one of the builders that worked on the cabins, so I was familiar with the camp. One summer day I was fishing off my parents dock, I was 13 years old and knew about God but had not known how to become saved, as I was fishing a young man came down the cove in a canoe. He stop by the dock and we continued to talk for the next three hours. What I didn't know at the time was that he was a camp counselor. That day turned out to be the greatest day in my life, I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior. Over time I have forgotten his name but not what he has done for me. Not only did I become saved but he started a bible study in our house that my parents held for over 40 years. I cannot thank Grace Youth Camp enough for what you have done for me and my family.

Amazing Camp

My son has spent many years visiting Grace Adventures, one week at a time, each year. It never ceases to AMAZE me what transforms within his life after each visit. This year was particularly amazing as he came home totally transformed into a wonderful young gentleman with very high values and morals that he was able to carry with him forward to his friends and family. He even taught me a thing or two! The time he spends at Grace Adventures is worth more than all the gold in the world! The teachings and staff were able to bring out the very best in him, and he was able to hold on to that and create change all around him, exponentially!

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