Welcome to our Winter Blast Virtual Prayer Walk! We are glad you are here to partner with us in prayer. This winter, we will have the opportunity to host nearly 1,500 middle and high school students on our property for our Winter Blasts. It is our desire that they have fun, make new friends, and be challenged spiritually while they are here, and that they will leave further equipped to put their faith into action in their daily lives. Even from where you sit, you can join our team! Below you will find video clips of the different buildings and activity sites that the students will spend time at, along with suggestions for specific things to pray for at each place. Please take your time and come back as often as you like. We value the impact you can have. The theme for Winter Blast this year is Level Up, and our theme verse is John 10:10, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” We are using video game lingo and designs to communicate truths about identity and what is necessary for a person to “level up” in their faith.

During Blast, our primary use of the Keep is the four main sessions. Please pray with us that the Holy Spirit would guide the bands and speakers who come and lead the students in worship and biblical teaching. (Click for a list of the bands and speakers.) Pray that the hearts of students and leaders alike will be open to the impact of the gospel and that those who come would be able to enter into a spirit of God-honoring worship. The side rooms are a few of the places where youth groups will meet after the sessions. Please pray that the students will be open to sharing what they heard and learned, that leaders would be led by the Spirit in what to say, and that lasting impact would be achieved through these discussions. The Keep also houses our offices and functions as a home base for our program staff during each weekend. Please pray that we will be on top of the details during preparation and execution, that we are work together effectively, and that we will take every opportunity God gives us to spiritually build into students and leaders.

The Beacon is our main indoor recreation area. Here the students can play basketball, gaga, volleyball, reball, and nine square in the gym, as well as table tennis, pool, and foosball in the game room. Please pray for positive connections and solid conversations between students as they play, in addition to staying safe and having a good time.




Our Dining Hall or “Galley” will host all 1,500 students and leaders with a variety of dietary needs for four meals over the weekend, as well as two snacks, for a total of around 6,000 plates served. In keeping with our theme, Saturday’s dinner will be designed and served with a Pacman motif! It is our desire that the students will be well-fed physically, so that are not distracted from being fed spiritually. Please join us in praying for the conversations that will take place over meals, that many will be spiritually productive and edifying to those who hear them. Pray for the staff as we prepare now and each weekend, that plans and equipment will run smoothly.



The Lodge, Retreat Center, and Cabins are where students and leaders will stay while they’re here. Pray for good rest, especially for leaders, as they take care of their students and seek to take every opportunity for spiritual impact. Pray also for the conversations and connections made within each youth group inside the housing units, that they would be wholesome and meaningful, and that God would guard the atmosphere from evil and wickedness.




The lower field, broomball, and tubing hill are three of the main outdoor areas where students will spend time playing and interacting. Please pray for snow and ice so that we can make the best use of the tubing hill, snowshoeing, and broomball court. Pray for good sportsmanship and safety as the students interact with each other and the winter landscape. The Saturday night theme game, titled “Legoland Escape,” will be played in teams all over camp; pray for a memorable time.



As our many guests leave camp each weekend, it is our desire that they will have been changed during their time at camp. Pray that they will have safe travels and productive conversations on the drive and continuing growth in the weeks and months to follow. Thank you so much for being a part of our Winter Blast team by making your way through this prayer walk. We hope it has given you a better understanding of where we live during this season and specific ways you can be praying for us and those we will serve this winter. We know God hears and answers prayer, and we greatly appreciate the time you have invested in this ministry. Please share this link with others who will join us!

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