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Why Should I Send My Child to Summer Camp?

Summer Camp is a life-changing experience. In our world today that is constantly connected and on-call, camp offers kids the opportunity to disconnect from everyday life and connect deeper with God. Kids will experience God's creation, create new friendships, experience new activities, and leave on-fire for God. Our desire is that their camp experience will live on into their home, school, and church life after coming to Grace Adventures.

Do You Offer Any Scholarships Or Discounts?

Yes! We understand that not everyone can afford the cost of camp. Camp is an investment. But we don't want anyone to be turned away from an experience at camp because of finances. We have multiple different discounts and a scholarship fund that helps countless kids come to camp that otherwise wouldn't be able to. Please visit our Discounts and Scholarship pages for more information.

Can My Child Come With A Friend?

Of Course! Campers can request Cabin Mates on the registration form. We will house up to 4 friends together in a cabin. There is even a discount if the friend has never been to Grace Adventures before.

Which Camp Should I Choose?

All of our camps are Age-Graded to meet your child at the developmental stage that they are at. Activities and lessons are scaled to create the greatest impact possible. Find the camp that fits your childs age and read the descriptions for information about that camp. You can also call our office and we would be happy to talk with you about what each camp offers.

My Child Has Food Allergies, Can You Cater To Them?

Yes we can. Our Food Service staff is highly trained and prepared for food allergy diets and restrictions. Please indicate those needs on the registration form and we will do our best to serve your child a safe and nutritious meal.

My Child Has Daily Or Necessary Medications, What Do I Do?

All summer we have a trained Health Officer, certified as required by the State of Michigan, that is in charge of managing and dispensing medications to campers as well as attending to any unfortunate bumps or scraps that may happen. Please list those medications and dosages on the registration form and bring the medication (in its original container) with you when you check-in to camp. All medications will be returned when the camper checks-out of camp.

Do I Have To Pay Anything Up Front To Sign Up For Camp?

Yes, there is a $100 non-refundable deposit when you sign up your child for camp. The balance will be due 10 days your camper's arrival date. You may choose at any time to pay your balance online by logging in.

Cancellation Policy
Canceling your campers's camp registration within 14 days of the camp, you are obligated to the full camp fee

My Child Does Not Have Any Immunizations, Can They Still Come To Camp?

Yes they can. While we highly recommend that your child is immunized to decrease the risk of any potential illnesses that may come onto campus during the summer, your child does not need to have the immunizations in order to attend camp.

What Is Your Bahavior Management Policy?

At camp we have a zero tolerance for behaviors like bullying, threat to harm self or others, theft, and assault. Our counselors go through 20+ hours of behavior management training at the beginning of the summer. If a situation arises, the camper will be removed from the situation and have a conversation to recontract for future behavior. If the behavior persists, parents will be contacted to make a plan to move forward. At no point will a camper be deprived of food, sleep or basic needs and corporal punishment will never be used. We expect 2 things from every camper, Respect for self and others and Responsibility for their own actions.

How Do You Handle Homesickness?

We know that because many kids are away from home for the first time they may have a difficult time missing family and we desire to create a safe environment where they feel heard, loved and cared for. We train our staff to look for signs of homesickness and how to have conversations and redirect camper’s attention in positive ways. If a camper has a hard time engaging in camp our staff will contact parents to work together and decide on a course of action.

How Do I Sign Up?

The best way for you to sign up for Summer Camp is online. Click the "Register Now" button on any summer camp page to log-in and sign up!

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