GRIT Training

Helping you develop strong people through sports. Teaching your team how to grow in passion and perseverance.

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Target what your team needs to get better, through engaging activity. Focussing on stronger trust level, better communication, or understanding their roles.

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Team Camp

Looking to take your team away to focus and build camaraderie; Grace Adventures has an excellent place to host your team camp.

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GRIT Training

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Building the maturity and mindset to be their Best! Through sports you build into the lives of students. However, teaching, training and coaching kids today is not easy, simple, or quick. there are pressures from school, parents, and the media that can interfere with your student athletes performing at their best.

GRIT Training Focuses On Six Winning Steps

  1. You must want it
  2. Aim at something hard
  3. Invite others
  4. Make it happen
  5. Choose to win
  6. Success

Your players and team will emerge with stronger character, a winning mindset, perseverance to continuously improve, increased camaraderie, healthier relationships, and team unity.


As a coach you know what your team needs to improve. Maybe players need a stronger trust level, better communication, or understanding their roles. Whatever qualities you identify, Grace Adventures can help you design an experience to help you build a better team.

Grace’s well trained facilitators will guide your team through the experiential process:

  1. What: experiencing a task to accomplish
  2. So What: taking what was learned from the activity and develop insights
  3. Now What: understanding what was learned in the activity and applying it to their team


The process will then repeat itself as the team applies what they are learning to gain higher levels of mastery. The upward spiral of the process will insure that they finish the experience as a stronger team than where they started.

You can choose the length of time starting at a two hour experience to multiple days. Also, you can come to our beautiful campus to take advantage of all the activities we have to offer or we can bring the experience to your location.teambuilding cycle

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Team Camps

When you want to create an experience for your team to help them focus, have fun, and create memories, Grace Adventures can host your team camp. Our beautiful campus is located next to the Silver Lake Sand Dunes (great training opportunities!). We have great facilities, awesome food, and fun recreational options for your team. We are glad to host your team and you can add in some of our training to the camp.

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