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Grade School Camps, Anti-Bullying Programs, and Professional Development to help bring a healthy, safe, and positive learning culture to your school.

sports teams

Sports Teams

Through sports you build into the lives of students. Let us help you build leadership, character, cooperation, and a winning culture to your team.



Build into your employees and business by inspiring leadership, creativity, motivation, and vision. We'll help you do that.



We exist to support the Church. Give your staff, board, volunteers, or leaders tools to excel at ministry and impacting others.

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Your group goes through the program and you'll see the results

Qualified Staff

"We have never been to a facility that had such qualified staff; it really made the difference in our experience."

- Middle School Teacher

Thoroughly Impressed

"The Grace Staff were so incredibly helpful, calm, patient and accommodating. I feel very grateful for that. I know our three coaches were thoroughly impressed and very pleased with the experience."

- High School Coach

Our Team Grew

Our team grew as individuals and as a team! We were pushed beyond our limits and encouraged to take risks. The facilitator was tremendous, she listened to what we wanted to get out of each activity and genuinely cared about our athletes maturing and growing over the course of the experience.

- Western Michigan University Coach

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